SJHWoodworks 100% Natural/Food Safe Board Wax

SJHWoodworks 100% Natural/Food Safe Board Wax

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4 oz tin of 100% Food Safe Board Wax. 

This wax is great for keeping your serving boards seasoned and ready for use. It prevents drying out of you Serving or cutting boards or butcher blocks.

Made with a mix of 100% Pure Yellow Beeswax and 100% Food Safe Mineral Oil, this Boards Wax provides a smooth surface while replenishing your board with natural oils to prevent dry out, and has a pleasant beeswax aroma when applying.

Directions for use:

1 - Wash your board if required with warm water and soap

2- Let dry for at least 2 - 3 hours

3- Apply a thin coat of SJH Woodworks Board Wax and let soak in for at least an hour or longer.

4 - Buff off remaining wax to a smooth sheen.