Board Care Information

Below are a few quick tips to help you maintain your cutting board for years to come.

With a little TLC, some of these boards can be handed down through generations as being wood, they can be maintained and refurbished and made to look like new again after years of use.

Tips to keep your board healthy

1: Never put your cutting board in a in a dishwasher

2: Wash with warm water and soap, rinse immediately and dry with a towel.

3: Let sit to dry before next use if possible

4: Do not sit board beside heat source, i.e: Stove top, as this may cause warping

5: Depending on use, every couple months you can refresh your board with Food Grade mineral oil or a bees wax-mineral oil mix. Mineral Oil is available at most Pharmacies, Drug Stores, etc. Just apply, let it sit a couple hours and then wipe off. Let dry.