I started making handcrafted cutting boards about 3 years ago and the response I received from friends and family was overwhelming to say the least and before I knew it, my items started to sell!! I was so flattered and to all my family and friends I owe you huge as it was you all that gave me inspiration!!! Hence I started this site to share my passion for making handcrafted items.

Over the past 30 years I have been involved in doing many renovations on my own homes such as full kitchen remodels and such, but wanted to get into more handcrafted work.

So here I am, making and selling various types of cutting/serving boards, cheese boards, charcuterie boards, heirloom chopping boards and other types of kitchen/entertaining helpers!! As my skill set expands, so will my selection of hand crafted work.

I work out of a double car garage in Newmarket, Ontario. This keeps me close to home and my family and also keeps the overhead of running a woodworking shop down so I can pass savings on to you, the customer. My plan is that this business will grow to support me and my family in retirement.

So, where do I get my wood some might ask? Well I have 2 suppliers in Southern Ontario that I have used. They are both exceptional in the quality they provide and in service and selection. Who are they?

- Century Mill Lumber in Stouffville @ http://centurymill.com/site/
- Legacy Lumber Outlet in Mississauga @ https://legacylumber.co/

Thanks for visiting!!